103.7 Photo Ops

  1. Some newspapers often put a photo of the event taking place by your organization with a 1-2 line description. This is a great way to get people interested in your cause, and find out about the organization and what you intend on achieving.
  2. Phone the newspaper you want covering your event and find out how they operate, each might be different. Ask for a representative from the relevant department that is most in relation to your organization.
  3. Get their name, email, website, address. Send the releases directly to that person.
  4. Send the photo op every second day until the last 3 days before the event
  5. During the last three days leading up to the event, send photo ops every day, with the day and date of the event at the top.

103.8 Write your own Press Releases

  1. BODY OF THE TEXT: Give the main info re Honouring the VIP’s attending. The main purpose: challenging existing governments as the world’s people are in CRISIS. Find someone work that fills the “If it bleeds, it leads” concept, as this will catch the media’s interest. Honor other esteemed people who have contributed over the years.
  2. Additional things:
 Do phone each media outlet first before you send the Press Release. They will give you an address to email attachments. Make sure they understand how important the event or conference is. Invite them to send someone to the whole conference. You must have a direct contact name with a person or desk.
  3. Two days prior: Send a one pager, with a reminder on the top
  4. One day prior: Send an updated one pager
  5. Event day: Use the event to send last reminder, a few hours before the start time.
  6. How to write a press release:
  7. Ensure one other person attends Why? – photos – legal proof
  8. Include them in the report writing. (See how to write a report)
  9. Create your own business cards
  10. Always have a backup method of achieving your goals, in case there is no electricity, or the power is out, or the internet is down, or you are outside in a jungle, botanical gardens or place with no access to internet, etc.
  11. Take your own projection system, cables, headphone etc for online involvement
  12. Create educational brochures
  13. Some radio stations promote Charitable organizations

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