Trade Show Events and Displays

103.4 Creating events that transform the visions into reality

  1. Target audience: Identify your audience for a community event or conference. For Teacher’s the focus might be colleges, universities, School Boards Associations, School Boards, individual schools and their classes. Each level requires a different focus. ie: a new slide show for each level.
  2. Create an Online Conference, have a blank slideshow, where the participants are able to type in to contribute to it – have slides that participants can write on. Find out where they live in the world.
  3. Know your product (Please refer to the “Marketing and Promotions” page for more information)
  4. Know how to use an online conference room. Train and encourage others to use the conference room.
  5. Choose a date/time and place
  6. Food/Drinks for breaks even if it is an online conference.
  7. Format: Projectors, computers, other equipment
  8. Create brochure/flyer/invite with information on what to bring
  9. Incentive based on the target audience- Certificates, university credit/ points towards.
  10. Trade Show Table: Display boards, sheets to cover the table and hide boxes.
  11. Camera to prove that your event happened. Have one other person attend from your NGO. Photograph the display.
  12. If done online: you need take picture of each participant to add to the speakers’ slide show. Also need a list of what the participants training slideshow.

103.5 Wear your company hat

  1. Take on the role of your NGO/CSO or who you are representing.
  2. Engage in relevant discussions.
  3. Smile even online as it shows in your voice.
  4. Think about all aspects that work depending on the conference/meeting being attended. For example, for Ocean/Water-related conferences/discussions, take the appropriate pins. Wear clothing in the colour schemes/ themes of the ocean/water if possible

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