Evaluation and Reports

101.3 Evaluation and Reports

  1. Think beyond the understanding of others with respect to the situation.
  2. Develop a long-term focus, a sustaining interest
  3. Go beyond the negatives to a positive outcome
  4. Solidify and consolidate an ongoing strategy, be flexible when necessary
  5. Regularly do a personal re-appraisal
  6. Think globally, act locally
  7. Seize any opportunities that arise, ask for it in writing.
    • Research the dangers, the potential pitfalls
    • Sequence the main events, using a timeline with dates and action required. This is also called a case study of the project.
    • This can be used when referring to dates that you contacted people, keep records of everything with full details.
    • Create a database of full name, address, telephone numbers websites.
    • Understand the process and timing.
    • Follow up! Tie up loose ends.



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