TLT 104 Case Study Implementation

104.1 Building a plan of action

Students are now aware of the intricate interconnectedness of all things on earth, and to focus on things they can do towards reducing their impact on the acceleration of the heating earth. Climate Change are beginning  to make practical suggestions for future generations to follow, to prevent further degradation. They re hopefully advocates for Peace and Global Sustainability Education.

They are able to select educational methodologies and tools for action. Rationalize and implemente the actions necessary. The student is now a steward and recognizes their role as a global citizen. They

104.2 Attending and achieving at an event

  1. Identify an educational conference, meeting, trade show that relates to showcasing your leadership.
  2. Brainstorming what you will say, and need to take with you. Have these organized a week before the event.
  3. Create a story board
  4. Take your Trade Show Boards
  5. Create a new powerpoint
  6. Speak at the event

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