Promoting Products

103.2 Promotional flyers

  1. Edit as many times as is needed until it becomes perfect.
  2. Check: font, size, content, spelling, grammar, full stops, spacing, logos, date, author.

103.3 Brochure

  1. Create the organization name and show what the current focus is; mission statement of two sentences. Maybe some achievements.                                            Tips to help with the organization name. Nuans search -> When the name and abbreviation is done, do a google search to make sure no one has the same name,       
  2. What goes in the brochure?              Photographs, Resources, Team. Who is the audience? University students other community members. Mission Statement. What can you offer them? How are they going to contact you for more information?
  3. Paper Sizes for Brochure: Have to know what paper size works best for your brochure.                                Threefold fits a business size envelope. Cheaper for posting.
  4. Distribution: For who, purpose – what, why, when, and how – visit the post office for bulk mailing methods.
  5. Website / Blog. Use free. This can be private until you choose to make it public. Watch the training videos in
  6. ebooks. The Project Gutenberg Free books                                
  7. Newsletters and Newspapers. Local newspapers might have space for non-profit advertisements.

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