Creating Trade Show Boards and Brochures

103.6 Creating Trade Show Boards

  1. Brand your organization. Create a colour scheme and logo’s. (There are free logo sites online)
  2. Purchase foam core boards in the organization’s colours. Make these waterproof. These are for permanent display.
  3. Use Microsoft Powerpoint or similar as a method for pre-planning, brainstorming, storyboard. This will help you plan out items to go on the final boards.
  4. If your display is a once only event, use a three-fold presentation board
  5. Use a mindmap to focus on the issues and outcomes.
  6. Visit google ‘Images’ and go to ‘science fair boards layout’ for suggested layouts. Select one for clarity of message. Remember, less is more.
  7. Gather information and then print out selected items in black and white ink, to show the story.
  8. Place these on the boards, to test positions. DO NOT STICK
  9. Note your layout.
  10. Decide on the final size of each item. Uniformity in size is visually appealing.
  11. Create labels and captions. Print these in colour with all other items. Print logos etc
  12. Cut out small background boards for each item. These will give a 3D effect.
  13. With a mask over your mouth, nose, and rubber gloves on. Go outside in the open air and apply a small amount of the 3M spray paste as directed. Paste items onto smaller boards first and let dry completely – ie 24 hours.
  14. Measure where to paste the small boards on the main boards before you paste.
  15. Paste all small boards with their captions.
  16. Let Dry for 24 hours before moving.

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