Daily Records

102.5 Daily Records

  1. Keep daily records as these are a legal document. Use Google Docs so your partner or your team can add and edit. (An online Microsoft Office collaborator tool for Gmail users)
  2. Maintain a Day Book –  Things to be achieved each day, things that have been achieved, ie: Cell Phone App for List making, “SCHEDULE PLANNER”, and other useful Applications
  3. WordPerfect automatically gives the new date for a digital day book.  Microsoft Word or other similar programs can also be used.
  4. Calendar of upcoming work times and events (set deadlines) Google calendar, cell phone apps etc.
  5. Create a Database of all contacts. Always collect a contact’s business card or ask them for full name, address, email, tel, cell.  Write on the back where and when you met. If asked by your mentor for these details, give it all.
  6. Financial – Document volunteer time using  $12.22 per hour. – Use Excel http://library.imaginecanada.ca/files/nonprofitscan/kdc-cdc/quarter_final_eng.pdf
  7. Create a Historical Timeline of Achievements, ie: event, who you met, others who have helped etc
  8. Always take a second member of the NGO or team to the event.
  9. Never add a projected event to the Timeline before the event, in case it doesn’t occur.
  10. Gather newspaper clippings: Serve as valuable first source documents, and can be added to the records for future use/ referencing in annual folders.  Steps: Create a clean package, cut out the specific article, take the heading with the date, volume and the page number, paste it to 81/2 by 11 page for future photocopying.

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