TLT 101: Global Issues and Actions

101.1 Explore your community and identify a problem

This introductory course will facilitate an understanding of a global or local issue through a multidisciplinary, hands-on approach. Students survey their surroundings and recognize a particular problem or obstacle faced by the environment as a result of either human activity or other factors. Scientific, peace, health and environmental factors are to be identified.

  1. Identify where you live now.
  2. Identify which life zone.
  3. Identify what biodiversity surrounds you.

101.2 Selecting educational methodologies, action tools and plans of action

  1. Use an evolutionary methodological style, open-ended to allow for individual cultures, economies, level of education, environmental, political issues and other global situations.
  2. Develop action tools for sustainability.
  3. Formulate Educational Curriculum Modules or prepare flyers and handouts for sharing knowledge.
  4. Strategy: Study existing ideas on sustainability, especially in your own country. Then develop your own policy for sustainability which will identify gaps that can be shared.
  5. Develop a strategic action plan, take your time to think before you finish it. Then be open to changes as you implement. Make sure you have a visible outcome so that you know your strategy works.
  6. Create a committee or community group for action – needed for developing and implementing the action plan (which takes time). Inclusion, of all members of the committee in the action.
  7. Acting alone – Sometimes this is essential.

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