Online Conferences

106.1 Online Conferences

Often teams are based internationally. You will need to ensure that you check in before an online event. Many of these things are to help with early Prevention and Pre-Planning to Prevent conflict.

  1. Ensure that you check the time zones and include ‘D’ in the time if it is daylight saving time.
  2. Show respect to all past members, who have participated. Show respect to all other educators, you come in contact with on a daily basis.
  3. Honor others at all times for their volunteer participation.
  4. When you are asked to make comments on a document, do so well before the event.
  5. Hold a short online meeting the day before to ensure all the planning is done well, and that the connectivity works.
  6. Immediately answer participants and speakers emails. Never leave them guessing.
  7. Be online well before the time of a workshop, especially to welcome guest speakers. Use their bio to introduce them.
  8. Always make sure that the speaker is online before you begin their slideshow. Never begin their work without them listening in, as it is copyright. ©
  9. If you request a speaker to attend for questions, and you don’t turn up, try not to make the mistake more than once.
  10. Always be online early, so the speaker does not have to worry about timing or become stressed.
  11. Train students and others of your team to connect the online participants, and leave so you can to do the other organization.
  12. Ensure all speakers can attend the whole meeting for all possible events. This ensures they have an overview of what has been achieved so they can learn new things.
  13. Ensure that the list of attendees is published well before the workshop.
  14. If possible members should attend the Teaching Colleges Conferences (TCC) online conferences, to learn how to hold an online workshop.
  15. Workshops are not lectures and require full participation.
  16. Take one point at a time within a discussion, even if there are five points on a slide to be addressed.
  17. Ensure that others use positive words in their language at all times.

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