Professional Development

102.3 Professional self-development of team members

  1. Develop a knowledge of your own needs: physical, intellectual, social & spiritual
  2. Use Holistic Education to view concerns from the ‘inside – out,’, turn something on its head and reverse the norms to creatively solve an issue, brainstorm ideas, use “I” messages not “You” messages.                                                                                         “Teacher Effectiveness Training” – (T.E.T) by Dr. Thomas Gordon
  3. Allocate time for office management
  4. Take timeout to allow for the emergence of vital insights
  5. Develop and try new ideas
  6. Ensure balance in your life – renew your energy with exercise, nutrition, sleep, socialization and meditation
  7. Rest. You need to take some time to let organizations catch up with the work.
  8. Meet deadlines, keep them realistic and honest
  9. Be committed, truthful and dedicated
  10. Use the precautionary principle

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