In The Transformational Leadership Training course students will achieve the following:

  1.  Complete the Global Issues workshop
  2.  Complete several questionnaires to test their knowledge
  3.  Complete the Global Issues slide show, using the power point. Through taking dictations to create slide show scripts, and then write your own script for a slide show
  4.  Complete the Global Sustainable Education, the 9 lessons plan, on
  5. Take notes from conferences and meetings, and create DVDs of documents
  6. Participate in a trade show or an event related to your topic of interest. Prepare, hold, and/or participate in events, and then write reports for all events, as a follow up

Communication and Technology:  

Prepare and make a phone calls in more than one method. Use economical systems:

  1. Distributel or similar
  2. Magic Jack
  3. Email: Send professional emails with full details, background information, facts sheets etc
  4. Establish and manage websites and blogs

Use Collaboration tools:

  1. Google Documents
  2. Dropbox
  3. Skype
  4. Use professional Conference rooms: Talking Communities; Google Hangouts.
  5. Elluminate: and Go to Meeting; for conferences and meetings online
  6. Social Media – Use text, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube etc
  7. Transfers Files using Dropbox.
  8. Audacity for editing audio files
  9. Organize and attend professional dinners & meetings
    a. Be on time
    b. Dress appropriately
    c. Lay a formal dinner table
    d. Welcome the guests
    e. Initiate and participate in the topics of conversation

Create a Promotional Folder:

  1. Promotional brochure about their particular issue of interest in “pdf” format
  2. Demonstrate other methods of brainstorming, group collaborative efforts
  3. Complete a mind map connecting the various stages/ components of the particular researched environmental issue chosen by the student
  4. Examples of their Day Book and Calendar
  5. Timeline on various projects
  6. Letter of support on your own developed letterhead to acknowledge what was learned
  7. Application process for post-secondary. Julia Morton-Marr will help but requires from the intern the following: Details of the school, full details on the course; Full information on the person to be addressed
  8. An updated short biography and C.V.
  9. A personal statement
  10. A display on a website/ blog created by the student, outlining their accomplishments and skills
  11. A slide show on their own topic, which has a script for audio production, that can be uploaded to YouTube or a digital online program
  12. Create podcast audio file. Upload it and add comments
  13. Develop promotion flyers

Student Project Implementation:

As part of the TLT course, you will have also chosen a local environmental and peace issue from the Global and Sustainability Education course. Then, you will be asked to present a “Local Environmental and Peace Issue” to a school, community or local government city group:

  1. Create a timeline focused on the topic
  2. Create and take show boards, flyer, timeline, fact sheets, promotional items, pins to the event
  3. Write a report using correct report numbering


  1. Take a day course on Funding
  2. Identify the purpose and understanding of funding needs
  3. Fill in funding forms
  4. Write a short document of achievements for application for funds
  5. Write a Business Plan

Julia Morton-Marr will provide Letters of support for intern’s future endeavors if requested.

Completion of the course requires an intern to submit, a final document, showcasing all of the above for trade shows and conferences.

Signed: Dame Julia Morton-Marr, Dip T., B.Ed., DStG.
Educational Consultant

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